In a thrilling encounter during the Super Sixes match between Scotland and West Indies, Safyaan Sharif etched his name into the annals of Scottish cricket history with a stunning catch in the 37th over. The catch, which dismissed West Indies player Romario Shepherd, showcased Sharif’s exceptional athleticism and fielding prowess.

As the match reached a crucial stage, with West Indies creating a competitive total to give Scotland a setback, Shepherd aimed to accelerate the run rate. He launched a powerful shot, seemingly destined for four runs. However, Safyaan Sharif had other plans.

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Stationed at deep square leg, Sharif sprinted towards the ball with unwavering determination. Despite the soaring pressure, he kept his eyes firmly fixed on the ball, tracking its trajectory as it descended from the sky. With lightning-fast reflexes, Sharif leaped into the air with fully extending his arm and took the catch with his left hand.

The crowd erupted into thunderous applause as the fielders and teammates rushed towards Sharif, celebrating the remarkable catch. Even the West Indies players acknowledged the brilliance of the moment, offering their appreciation to the Scotland. This catch not only brought a crucial wicket but also injected a surge of energy into the Scottish team, buoying their hopes to chase a small target in 2nd innings.

WATCH: Sharif brilliant catch which dismissed Shepherd

Safyaan Sharif’s catch in the 37th over exemplified the importance of fielding in modern cricket. In an era where boundaries and sixes dominate the highlights reel, it was refreshing to witness a moment where a fielder’s athleticism and skill stole the limelight.


By Ritik Sharma

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