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Furious Rohit slams Star Sports

Rohit Sharma has slammed Star Sports for breaching his privacy . The controversy started when a video of Rohit Sharma talking to Abhishek Nayar went viral on social media. The video was taken down but Sharma’s conversation with Dhawal Kulkarni was also recorded and aired. Sharma has expressed his disappointment and frustration, saying that the constant recording of cricketers’ conversations is a breach of privacy and can damage the trust between fans, cricketers, and the sport.

Key points from the Rohit Sharma’s statement

Recording of private conversations: Rohit Sharma’s conversations with Abhishek Nayar and Dhawal Kulkarni were recorded and aired without his consent.

Breach of privacy: Sharma has accused Star Sports of breaching his privacy and not respecting his request to not record his conversations.

Intrusive media: Sharma has expressed frustration with the constant media presence and recording of cricketers’ conversations, saying it’s a breach of privacy.

Trust issues: Sharma has warned that the constant pursuit of exclusive content and views can damage the trust between fans, cricketers, and the sport.

Request to respect privacy: Sharma has requested that the media respect cricketers’ privacy and not record their conversations without consent.

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