Ravi Shastri is one of the most promise figures in Indian cricket. He has been an ideal metaphor for India’s situation in the cricketing map in regular situations of their history. Ravi Shastri has been successful in whatever he has done. Be it as a cricketer or as a coach or a commentator. His recent stint as the Indian coach was a good one as well.

When did Ravi Shastri started his tenure as a Head Coach Of Indian Cricket Team?

Ravi Shastri became team India’s head coach in 2017 and hasn’t put a foot wrong since then. He has a lot of things to show in his resume. An overseas series win in almost every continent and what not. However his stint is all set to come to an end agree the T20 World Cup. Besides, he himself isn’t keen on extending it. So what’s next for Ravi Shastri, what is Ravi Shastri going to do next?

Ravi Shashtri
Ravi Shashtri will be the man of wealthy experiece in the Market once he steps down from the position of Head Coach Of Indian Cricket Team

Ravi Shastri to continue as a commentator?

According to the sources, he is all set to continue his career as a commentator. Sources close to the former all-rounder claim that he wishes to take things easy in his life after dedicating more than for decades to the sport in various forms. Having being said, Shastri won’t be against the idea of working with an IPL franchise. However, the constant travel is something he is looking to avoid. “He’ll be selective. He’ll be open to working with an IPL franchise.

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Ravi Shastri is tired of travelling!

Year-round travel is something he would like to avoid now.” Say the sources who are close to him. He was absolutely commendable as a commentator and has a lot of memorable moments which are cherished by each and every Indian cricket fan. The former all-rounder had initially spent the best part of his time post-retirement as a broadcaster and found tremendous success with it as well.

Ravi Shashtri
Ravi Shashtri is still pondering on his future role, being such a great Commentator, his success level with the Indian Cricket Team is Gold Dig for any franchise in IPL as well


“He’ll be welcomed with a red carpet. Tell me a voice that is more identifiable than his.” Claimed a few industry executives as well. The source told Times of India that he would be eyeing a job in the IPL or return to the studios doing commentary. Besides Shastri isn’t going to re-apply for the position of the head coach.

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Ravi Shastri might become the Head Coach for any other side?

Barring a few, it has been reported that none of the coaching staff wish to re-apply for any of their positions again. Recent reports have suggested that Rahul Dravid has agreed to apply for the position after BCCI successfully convinced him. If that is the case, Dravid – given his experience of working as a coach of junior teams – would be the front-runner. Ravi Shastri is currently with the Indian team for the 2021 T20 World Cup and this T20 WC is all set to be his final assignment as the head coach of the men in blue.

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