In the El Clasico match of IPL 2023, excellent fielding was seen from Chennai Super Kings. Ravindra Jadeja surprised everyone by converting the ball coming at the speed of the bullet into a catch. At the same time, Dwayne Pretorius and Ruturaj Gaikwad’s combination on the boundary line made a very difficult catch easy.

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Combination of Pretorius-Ruturaj

Actually, Tristan Stubbs played the last ball of the 16th over in front and in the air. Seeing the ball, it seemed that the ball would cross the boundary line. However, Dwayne Pretorius, who was fielding there, caught that catch very close to the boundary line, but he could not keep his balance and he tossed the ball in the air.

Ruturaj Gaikwad, standing near the boundary line, easily completed the catch, which also ended Stubbs’ innings. Pretorius and Ruturaj’s excellent duet is being praised on social media.

WATCH: Pretorius & Gaikwad catch combination

Jadeja also caught ball running like bullet

In the El Clasico match being played between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023, Jaddu has once again made everyone crazy with his fielding. Actually, on the second ball of the 9th over, Cameron Green, who was sold for 17.50 crores, hit hard. The shot was so fast that the umpire fell on the ground only after hearing the sound.

However, Jadeja converted this shot into a wonderful catch in his follow throw. Jaddu guessed the ball correctly and the ball stuck in his hand. Perhaps if Jadeja had not caught this ball, the umpire could have been injured by this dangerous shot.

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