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In the wake of the ICC Cricket World Cup final in 2023, where Rohit Sharma’s led Indian cricket team faced a heartbreaking defeat against Australia in Ahmedabad, the inevitable question arises: who will be the torchbearers of the Indian cricket team in the captaincy role across different formats? As the cricketing world anticipates a transition in leadership, several players emerge as strong contenders for the captain’s armband.

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T20I captain of Indian Cricket team: Hardik Pandya

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Hardik Pandya’s explosive batting, handy bowling, and electric fielding make him a natural choice for T20I captaincy. With Rohit Sharma potentially stepping down from the T20I captaincy in the near future, Pandya’s leadership skills will be put to the test. His aggressive style of play, coupled with a fearless approach, aligns well with the demands of T20 cricket. Pandya’s experience and ability to remain cool under pressure make him a strong candidate to lead the Indian team in the shortest format.

ODI Captain of Indian Cricket team: KL Rahul/Hardik Pandya

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The One Day International format demands a leader with a strategic mindset, consistency, and the ability to adapt to different situations. KL Rahul’s calm demeanor, combined with his prolific run-scoring, positions him as a strong contender for the ODI captaincy. Alternatively, Hardik Pandya’s dynamic all-round skills make him a dual threat in both T20Is and ODIs. The team management may choose between Rahul and Pandya, considering their on-field performances and leadership qualities.

Test Captain in Indian Cricket team: Jasprit Bumrah/Ravindra Jadeja

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Test cricket requires a captain with a deep understanding of the game, tactical acumen, and the ability to inspire the team during challenging situations. The two standout candidates for Test captaincy are Jasprit Bumrah and Ravindra Jadeja. Bumrah’s leadership potential was evident as he captained the team in limited-overs formats, showcasing his ability to lead by example. On the other hand, Jadeja’s all-round prowess, cricketing intelligence, and experience could make him a dark horse for the Test captaincy role.

Factors Influencing Captaincy Choices in the Indian Cricket Team:

1. Leadership Qualities: The chosen captains must exhibit strong leadership qualities, inspiring their teammates and making strategic decisions on the field.

2. Performance Consistency: Consistent performance in all three formats will play a crucial role in determining the captaincy appointments. The captain should be a reliable performer with both bat and ball.

3. Communication Skills: Effective communication is key to successful captaincy. The chosen leaders must be able to communicate well with players, coaching staff, and the cricket board.

4. Tactical Understanding: Understanding the nuances of each format and being able to formulate effective strategies will be vital for the new captains.

5. Team Dynamics: The captains should foster a positive team environment, encouraging camaraderie and teamwork among players.


The post-Rohit Sharma era is on the horizon for Indian cricket, and the selection of new captains for each format will be a critical decision for the team management and selectors. The T20I captaincy seems tailor-made for Hardik Pandya, given his aggressive style and experience in the format. In ODIs, KL Rahul and Hardik Pandya emerge as strong contenders with their consistent performances and leadership potential.

For the test format, the choices become more intriguing. Jasprit Bumrah’s experience leading the team in limited-overs cricket may provide him with a smooth transition into Test captaincy. Alternatively, Ravindra Jadeja’s all-round abilities and cricketing intelligence position him as a unique candidate for the Test captaincy role.

As the Indian cricket team looks forward to rebuilding and regrouping after the World Cup disappointment, the selection of new captains will mark a crucial chapter in the team’s history. The chosen leaders will carry the responsibility of guiding the team to new heights, and only time will reveal the individuals destined to lead the Indian cricket team into a new era.

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