Former Australia women’s cricket captain Meg Lanning has revealed the personal battles she faced, including weight loss and insomnia, that led to her sudden retirement from international cricket last year. In an intimate conversation on the Howie Games podcast, Meg Lanning disclosed the challenges she grappled with, shedding light on her decision to step away from the sport.

Meg Lanning, a stalwart in women’s cricket with an illustrious career, withdrew from the Women’s Ashes series citing medical reasons before officially retiring from the national team in November. The 32-year-old confessed to experiencing an identity crisis outside of cricket, with her diet and training regimen becoming imbalanced.

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In Howie Games podcast, Meg Lanning revealed that :-

“I wasn’t in a place to be able to go on tour and play cricket and give the commitment levels required,” Meg Lanning revealed, highlighting her struggle to maintain the physical and mental demands of the sport. The former captain disclosed a significant weight loss, dropping from 64kg to 57kg, and admitted that her overall well-being had deteriorated.

Meg Lanning

Alongside the physical challenges, Lanning battled insomnia, recounting nights plagued by sleeplessness and frustration. “I dreaded night time because I knew I would go to bed and not be able to sleep,” she shared, underscoring the toll it took on her mental state and daily functioning.

Despite her retirement from international cricket, Meg Lanning has continued to participate in domestic T20I leagues, including the lucrative Women’s Premier League in India. However, she has ruled out a return to the national side, opting to focus on her well-being and future endeavors outside of cricket.


Meg Lanning’s departure from the Australian team saw wicketkeeper-batter Alyssa Healy stepping into the role of captaincy in December, marking a new chapter for the team.

Reflecting on her journey, Meg Lanning emphasized the importance of recognizing one’s limitations and prioritizing mental and physical health. Her candid revelations provide insight into the pressures faced by elite athletes and the significance of addressing personal struggles, even in the midst of sporting success.


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