In the remarkable on-going test match in Centurion, Virat Kohli emulated Stuart Broad’s infamous bail-switching tactic to secure a pivotal breakthrough for India. Much like Broad, Kohli’s strategic move had a significant impact, leading to the dismissal of Tony de Zorzi and a subsequent breakthrough by Jasprit Bumrah.

As South Africa confidently responded to India’s first innings total of 245, reaching over 100 runs with just one wicket down, Kohli decided to try his luck with a page from Broad’s playbook. With a subtle rearrangement of the bails on the stumps, Kohli sought to alter the momentum of the game.

The impact was swift and decisive. Shortly after Kohli’s subtle intervention, Bumrah successfully dismissed De Zorzi, and the domino effect continued as Keegan Petersen was bowled, dragging the ball onto the stumps. Kohli’s unconventional trick did not escape the notice of keen observers, including commentators and cricket pundits.

Sanjay Manjrekar, analyzing the game, remarked, “The wicket of Tony de Zorzi, Jaiswal was involved, Bumrah was of course involved, and Virat Kohli also had a role to play in that as well, you’d think,” injecting a light-hearted tone with, “Of course, I say that tongue in cheek.”

WATCH: How Kohli switches the bails

Stuart Broad, who introduced this peculiar tactic and has since retired from international cricket, notably used it in his final Test match against Australia. Broad’s bail-switching maneuver proved impactful, creating breakthroughs at crucial junctures.

Kohli’s nod to Broad’s unconventional strategy adds an intriguing layer to the ongoing Test match in Centurion. As the cricketing world watches, the echoes of Broad’s legacy resonate through Kohli’s tactical homage, showcasing the unpredictable and fascinating nature of the sport.

By Ritik Sharma

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