In a significant stride for cricket enthusiasts in Madhya Pradesh, the cricketing landscape is set to witness a remarkable expansion with the construction of a new international stadium in Gwalior by the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA). The news of this development has created a buzz on social media, as images of the under-construction facility went viral.

Situated off the AB Road, near Shankarpur Village, the upcoming stadium is poised to be a cricketing marvel, featuring six floodlights and eight gates catering to various stakeholders, including media, press, cricketers, and MPCA members and staff.

With an anticipated seating capacity ranging from 30,000 to 45,000, the stadium is slated for completion by 2024, marking it as the second international venue in the state.

The significance of this cricketing expansion is underscored by the fact that the last international match in Gwalior took place at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in 2010, where Sachin Tendulkar etched his name in history by scoring a double century against South Africa.

However, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) mandated state associations to operate a stadium, rendering the Roop Singh Stadium ineligible for hosting further international fixtures.

The new stadium in Gwalior not only fills this void but also adds to MPCA’s existing infrastructure, including the Holkar Stadium in Indore. The latter has been the sole recognized stadium in Madhya Pradesh, prompting the need for additional venues to accommodate the growing demand for cricket matches.

Private colleges and grounds in Indore, such as Daly International School and College Cricket Ground, Emerald High School Cricket Ground, Yeshwant Club Ground, and Nehru Stadium, along with venues in cities like Ratlam, Ujjain, Mhow, and Bhopal, have played host to domestic fixtures.

In a strategic move, the MPCA’s investment in the Gwalior stadium not only augments the cricketing infrastructure nationally but also alleviates the burden on Holkar Stadium, allowing for a more diverse distribution of matches.

As a testament to its readiness, the new stadium is set to host a Ranji Trophy game between Madhya Pradesh and Odisha in January 2024, serving as a litmus test before officially opening its doors to international action.



By Ritik Sharma

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