Chennai Super Kings (CSK), the second most successful team of IPL, added England Test team captain Ben Stokes in Mini Auction 2023 by bidding Rs 16.25 crore. 

After Stokes joined CSK, continuous discussion started intensifying that he could be given the command of Chennai Super Kings team (CSK) after MS Dhoni. But in the year 2023, who will be seen captaining the team, Dhoni or Stokes, Chris Gayle, who known as Universe Boss, reacted to this.

In fact, preparations for Indian Premier League 2023 (IPL 2023) have intensified. Where the CSK team included Ben Stokes in their camp by placing a bid of Rs 16.25 crore on Ben Stokes in the mini auction. It is believed that Stokes can captain CSK after Dhoni’s retirement, but there is no confirmation about it at the moment.

It is believed that the IPL 2023 season could be the last for Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni). But who will be given the command of the CSK team in IPL 2023, MS Dhoni or Ben Stokes? To this, former West Indies veteran batsman Chris Gayle said, “Dhoni, when he is playing, is the one leading the team, right? Talk over.”

CSK will have two brilliant cricketing brains in the form of Dhoni and Stokes in their dressing room. But I think Stokes, respecting Dhoni, will let him do his job. The young cricketers of CSK will also get a chance to learn from Ben Stokes. It is a good thing to have Stokes in the team.” Let us tell you that Ben Stokes bought by CSK is the costliest player ever.

By Ritik Sharma

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