In the world of cricket, resilience often emerges as a key characteristic that distinguishes the great players from the good. Pakistan’s captain, Babar Azam, has certainly demonstrated this trait throughout his career. The recent remarks from his teammate, Abid Ali, shed light on how criticism can serve as a catalyst for Babar’s exceptional performance on the field.

Babar Azam, a batting sensation, has been a consistent performer over the past couple of years. His remarkable achievements have earned him a place among the top 5 batters across all formats.

Holding the top spot in ODIs, fourth in Tests, and third in T20Is, Babar has proven his mettle on various platforms. His ability to deliver under pressure and steer his team to victories has solidified his position as one of Pakistan’s cricketing gems.

However, even stars have their moments of struggle. In tournaments like the Asia Cup and T20I World Cup last year, Babar faced challenges that tested his skills. Scoring only 68 runs in 6 Asia Cup matches and 124 runs in the T20I World Cup, Babar found himself in a rare patch of inconsistency. These instances, though not reflective of his usual prowess, gave rise to discussions about his performance.

Abid Ali, who has shared the field with Babar and understands his journey intimately, emphasized the role of criticism in Babar’s growth. The 35-year-old batter expressed that critiquing Babar’s performance can act as a catalyst for his resurgence.

Abid’s observations reflect a nuanced understanding of how Babar responds to challenges. He stated, “When he is criticised, Allah blesses him in a way that he scores without any stopping.” Abid’s sentiment highlights the potential positive impact of constructive criticism on a player’s mental fortitude.

Abid’s admiration for Babar’s skillset is palpable. He acknowledges the transformation of Babar from a junior player to a world-class talent. Describing Babar as a star gifted to Pakistan, Abid commends his impeccable batting skills and the joy he brings to the cricketing arena. This admiration extends to commentators and fans worldwide, who appreciate Babar’s contributions to the sport.

Interestingly, Abid also points out that those who critique Babar’s performance do so out of a shared desire to witness his excellence. The camaraderie among players and the cricketing fraternity at large is evident as Abid mentions, “Even the ones criticizing him want him to perform.” This insight underscores the unity and collective aspiration that underpins the cricketing community.


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By Ritik Sharma

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