Kolkata Knight Riders’ (KKR) batsman Rinku Singh has expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards his father by announcing his intention to buy him a car. This gesture comes in the wake of Rinku’s recent achievements on the cricket field, where he received a substantial sum of Rs 3 crore as recognition for his outstanding performance.

Rinku Singh, a prominent figure in Aligarh’s cricketing circles, made headlines with his noteworthy performance at the Asian Games held at the Indira Gandhi Pratisthan in Lucknow. His contributions played a crucial role in securing a significant medal for the Indian cricket team.

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Despite being unable to personally collect his prize money due to his commitments with the India A team, Rinku’s dedication to the sport has been unwavering.

In the Asian Games, Rinku showcased his prowess with vital contributions batting down the order. Notably, his quickfire cameo of 37 runs off 15 balls in the quarter-final match against Nepal proved instrumental in India’s victory. Alongside him, talented runner Gulveer also received a substantial sum of Rs 75 lakh for his achievements.

Despite Rinku’s success, his father, Khanchandra Singh, recently made headlines himself when a viral video captured him delivering cylinders. This poignant image of a father continuing with his daily duties despite his son’s achievements speaks volumes about the values instilled in Rinku Singh’s upbringing and the humility within their family.

WATCH: Rinku’s father delivering cylinders

Rinku Singh’s gesture to gift a car to his father reflects not only his appreciation for his support but also underscores the importance of familial bonds and gratitude for one’s roots amidst the glitz and glamour of professional sports. As Rinku continues to shine on the cricket field, his journey serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the significance of humility, dedication, and family values in the pursuit of success.

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