The game of cricket is called a gentleman’s game. No one knows when what will happen in this game. So far many batsmen and bowlers have been seen performing record-breaking on the cricket field. But in this game, more than the performance of the players, there are some such incidents which rob a lot of limelight.

You must have seen the match stopping many times on this game of cricket. Not only rain, but animals entering the field also stop the match and this leads to a lot of entertainment for the spectators. One such incident has been seen recently, whose video is fast going viral on social media.

Let’s know what is this matter?

In fact, it can be seen in the viral video that three cows are entering the ground during a cricket match. The funny thing is that the players and umpires all around the ground started working to stop the cows. The umpires ran after the cow till it went out of the gate of the ground. Seeing this sight, the commentators were left speechless and the audience was thoroughly entertained.

If we talk about world cricket, then let us tell that the Australian team won the final match of the World Test Championship. For the second time in a row, the dream of the Indian team was again shattered. Team India had to face defeat by 209 runs in the WTC Final. Australia had scored 469 runs in the first innings. After this the Indian team got piled on 296 runs.

WATCH: When cows were seen disturbing cricket game

In this way the Kangaroo team got a lead of 173 runs. At the same time, in the second innings, Australia declared the innings at 270 runs for the loss of 8 wickets and India got a target of 444 runs, but Team India could only score 234 runs and thus once again India got only and only disappointment. .

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By Ritik Sharma

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