Prithvi Shaw has been one of the most talented Indian players going around for quite a while now. He has been in sublime form of late as well. Everything started way back in 2013 where he made headlines. He then won the Under-19 World Cup in 2018 and was considered the meet big thing in Indian cricket. After making his IPL debut in 2018, he made his international debut against the West Indies in the same year and managed to impress one and all. It was after that when his bad phase started after an injury, he was ruled out for a few months for his own mistakes. He now looks like he has put everything behind him and looks a much improved player. He was scoring runs in the recently concluded Vijay Hazare Trophy for fun. He also looked good in the IPL-2021. However, does Shaw fit in the international team as of now? Can he secure a spot in the Indian team right now? Today we shall be looking at why is Prithvi Shaw not fit for International cricket despite enormous talent?

1) Fitness Standards:


The fitness standards of India are really high. You cannot make it to the Indian team if you don’t meet the fitness standards. As a matter of fact, many cricketers have failed to make it to the national side because they failed the fitness test. No matter how good Shaw is, he needs to work on his fitness. He doesn’t seem as swift and agile as youngsters of his age. The only way he can start being a regular in the national side is if he works on his fitness and improves it.

2) Poor Shot Selection in Cruicial Situations:


One of the major concerns for Prithvi Shaw was his technical flaws. But he seems to have worked on it now. However, his shot selection is still a worry. His shot selection in crucial games haven’t really been good as he always seems to be on the third gear. While showing intent might be a good sign. A little too much if intent might he harmful for him and the team. His shot selection otherwise still remains good, it’s just that he is unable to replicate what he does in crucial games. If he can work on his shot selection in pressure games and play his shorts without taking too many risks in crunch situations then he can definitely be a worthy contender to secure a spot in India’s XI.

3) Lack of Consistency:


One of Shaw’s greatest nemesis is his consistency. His inconsistency has always been a major concern. No matter how talented he is, no matter how good he is…..He needs to be consistent. Consistently is very important on the big stage and India needs consistent players over inconsistent players. Shaw has improved himself but still lacks consistency. Only if he starts being a bit more consistent and starts putting a heavy price on his wicket can he excel for India.

By Arvind Krishnan

Cricket writer, statistician and analyst. An unorthodox media student, marketing runs in his blood. Sports Marketer and analyst.