Cricket is the only game where umpires are used, in any other sports they are called referees.  It is  a very difficult task. They are always criticize for their mistakes but never get praised for good decisions. The umpires are now in the limelight with the the introduction of decision review system. The umpires who make less mistakes are considered to be the elite umpires.

In this article we try to figure out top 5 umpires of the cricket history. In this article, we do not include third umpire calls.

Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar is a Pakistani umpire who was born in 1968. Aleem Dar has played first class cricket for Lahore and Pakistani Railways. He was a right hand batsman and a leg break bowler. After is first class career retirement , he came into the profession of umpiring.

He made his umpiring  debut in 2000 in Pakistan in a match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka at the age of 30. He was elected into the elite panel of umpires after 2 years.  He won ICC umpire of the year award for consecutive three years- 2009, 2010 and 2011. He also won the ‘Pride of Pakistan’ award.

He did expectional umpiring in 2011 ICC men’s cricket world cup.  His decision stand still against the DRS calls for 15 consecutive times.

Simon Taufel

Simon Taufel was born on 21 January,1971 in New South Wales. His full name is Simon James Arthur Taufel. He was a medium pacer in his early days. He played for Cammeray club in the Northern Suburbs Cricket Association.

Taufel hardly made any wrong decisions

In 1990 season , he won the award of best bowler . He picked up the highest numbee of wickets with lowest economy rate. He was also awarded with the fairest play award. He suffered a back injury and left cricket.

He made his umpiring debut in 1999 in an ODI match between Australia and Sri Lanka. One year later, in 2000 he made debut in test in a match between Australia and West Indies.

He won the ICC umpire of the year award for 5 consecutive times between 2004-2008.  He is regarded as one of the best umpires. He has appeared in 174 ODIs , 34 T20s and 174 test matches. He announced his retirement after 2012 world T20 .  Now he is acting as a umpire performance and training manager.

David Shepherd

Now here on the list we have all time great ,David Shepherd.  David Shepherd I was born on 27 December 1948 in Bideford. He played first class cricket for Gloucestershire. He represented his counter side for 14 years. He was a middle order batsman.

David Shepherd qualified for or the umpiring profession in 1981. David Shepherd made his umpiring debut in 1983 Prudential Cup which was held in England. He was the on field umpire for the match played between Sri Lanka and Pakistan at Swansea.

David Shephard was best in the business in his times

David Shepherd made 172 one day international appearances which includes three consecutive World Cup finals-1996,1999 and 2003. He got married to his girlfriend Jenny in 2008 but after a year he died due to to cancer in lungs.

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Dickie Bird

Dicky Bird, originally named s Harold Dennis Bird. Dicky bird was born in Yorkshire on 19th April ,1933.  He worked in a coal mine in his early days. Dicky bird was a school dropout. The keyboard used to play football but after an injury he left the game.

Then cricket became his love and he started playing County cricket. Later in his career started playing for Yorkshire  professionally.

Probably Bird is regarded as the GOAT

Dicky bird made his first appearance in a test match between New Zealand and England played in his hometown ,Yorkshire. Like Shepherd he also officiated in three consecutive World Cup finals- 1975,1979 and 1983. He has appeared in 66 test matches and 69 ODIs. He was awarded with the officer of the ‘order of the British Empire’ in 2012 for his great contribution in the game of Cricket.

The keyboard receive the guard of honour in his last test match in 1996 from both the teams ,India and England. He  was elected as the Yorkshire’s club president in their general meeting in 2014.

Steve Bucknor

Steve bucknor is one of the most respected umpires in the cricket history. He was originally named as Stephen Anthony Buckner. He was born in 1946 in Jamaica. In his early days he was a sports teacher and a mathematics teacher in a school.

Steve bucknor started his career as a football referee then he move to cricket at the age of 45. He first  appeared in a test match in 1989 played between India and Westindies. He also made his ODI debut in 1989 in the series between Westindies and India.

An umpire who doesn’t liked India much

Steve Anthony  Buckner appeared in 181 ODI matches and 128 test matches.  He was awarded with the order of Jamaica ,commander class for  service in the field of sports in 2007.

Steve bucknor was also awarded with the ICC bronze bails award for a officiating 100 ODIs and with golden Bails award for a officiating 100 test matches.  He took retirement in 2009.


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