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180 Not Out ft. Ross Taylor

Delhi [India], May 7: Ross Taylor, former New Zealand cricketer, reflected on how the IPL has influenced the careers of international players and changed the dynamics of cricket. In a candid and insightful discussion Ross highlighted that IPL has changed cricket’s future.

180 Not Out Ft. Ross Taylor
Ross Taylor on the impact of IPL across the Globe

“He mentioned his time in IPL, where he had the chance to play alongside legends like Rahul Dravid, Jacques Kallis, Anil Kumble and many more. Taylor acknowledged the role of the IPL in providing a platform for international players to interact with some of the best cricketers in the world, ultimately shaping the future of the sport in their country.” Ross Taylor told Raman Raheja, a Sports Fan, Sports-preneur, Media professional and a Creator who put together this Podcast “180 Not Out”.

T Dilshan, Former Sri Lankan Cricketer said, “I got selected to IPL in 2008, playing T20 cricket it involved a lot of money, I know that our countries don’t pay that much money, but that money helped him to keep other problems aside and focus only on cricket. That’s an advantage, we can focus fully on cricket, everyone needs money to survive, and we’re only playing cricket now not doing any other jobs. I think it’s a good deal, money is good for players and they can keep all problems aside and focus. A lot of youngsters came through this, and I think it is good, talent gets paid and performs the maximum out of them, people are watching, I think it’s the best.”

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The Legends League Cricket podcast captures the voices of cricket legends as they reflect on their journeys and how the sport has evolved with the advent of T20 leagues. It sheds light on the challenges and opportunities that come with this transformation, offering listeners a unique perspective on the changing dynamics of cricket.

The groundbreaking podcast series by Sports-preneur Raman Raheja is diving deep into the rich 180-year history of cricket, tracing its evolution from its colonial origins to its current stature as a global phenomenon.

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In subsequent episodes, the “180 Not Out” podcast will cover a diverse range of topics including the sport’s impact on players, leagues, controversies, commercialization, challenges, coaching, fitness, demographics, formats, records, and future prospects.

Shot at the backdrop of Legends League Cricket (LLC), hosted by Raman Raheja, it is perhaps going to be the biggest Cricket Podcast featuring 60+ Legends in a single season.

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