Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, are the 2 greatest batsmen in the history of IPL cricket without any doubt. Both of them have been the main heroes of their respective sides whether it be Mumbai Indians or Royal Challengers Bangalore. Let us take a look at some stats to understand what value they hold for their franchise

Kohli and Sharma have played a total of 393 innings in IPL cricket, and have blasted 11556 runs together from their willow including 6 centuries and 80 half-centuries into the mix, and this stat clearly shows and proves the magnitude of what these 2 men have achieved throughout their career.

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But Now a big debate, who is the better batsman between the 2 in IPL cricket? Well, let us have a look into it.

Virat Kohli holds the edge over Rohit Sharma when the overall numbers of both these batters. Kohli has scored 596 runs more than Sharma in the IPL even after playing 11 innings lesser than the Mumbai Indians’ skipper. The average of Virat Kohli is 6.48 more than Rohit Sharma as well.

Things are not over here. The former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper has scored 4 centuries more than Sharma too. Also, Kohli has 45 fifty-plus scores in 191 innings, which means that he scores in excess of fifty once every 4.24 innings in IPL cricket.

On the other hand, the ‘Hitman’ records a fifty-plus score once every 4.93 innings in the IPL, as he has recorded 41 fifty-plus scores in 202 innings. And, in terms of strike rate, there is not much difference between the two. Clearly, Kohli stands tall over Rohit when the overall records of these 2 batsmen are taken into consideration.

Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma: Record in an IPL Win

Once again, Virat Kohli is over Rohit Sharma when the numbers of these 2 batters in a win are analyzed. Kohli averages close to 50 in a win with a strike rate of 139.33. While Sharma’s stats are not bad, it’s just that they do not stand up to the bar set by King Kohli.

Rohit Sharma averages 41.22 in a win, which is 8.76 lesser than that Kohli’s. Also, Kohli’s strike rate is 3.69 more than that of Rohit’s. Furthermore, the RCB skipper has 23 fifty-plus scores in 87 innings in a win. On the other hand, the ‘Hitman’ has 26 fifty-plus scores in 110 innings in a win. Clearly, Kohli outclasses Rohit when the records of these two batsmen in an IPL win are scrutinized.

Virat Kohli vs Rohit Sharma: Record in an IPL run chase

Kohli again outshines Rohit Sharma in an IPL run chase. The Bangalore batting icon has plundered 632 runs more than Sharma, and also averages 8.54 more than Sharma. Also, while Kohli’s strike rate in an IPL run chase is 130.24, Sharma scores his runs at a strike rate of just 122.52 in an IPL run chase.

Kohli has recorded 18 fifty-plus scores in 96 innings in an IPL run chase, which means that he records a fifty-plus score once every 5.33 innings in an IPL run chase while on the other hand, Sharma records a fifty-plus score once every 5.75 innings. Yet again, Kohli stands head and shoulders over Rohit Sharma.


From the above analysis, it is crystal clear that Virat Kohli has been better in every single parameter as compared to Sharma in the IPL. Kohli has a better overall IPL record than the ‘Hitman’ but the shocking part isis RCB never won a title and MI is the most successful team in IPL history with 5 titles which clearly shows cricket is a team game and an individual can’t make you win all the time.

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