Cricket is undoubtedly the ns to be world’s second most followed sport. Fans are a lot passionate when it comes to the  gentleman’s game and everyone has witnessed different types of tattoos and haircuts. But the most common and easy way to show your support to your favorite team has been wearing the team’s jersey. But sometimes teams fail to attract their fans through jerseys. In this article, we’ll discuss about the top 5 worst jersey of International teams.


For a nation who are the World Cup winners in football, more is expected when it comes to their jerseys. Cricket might not be a popular sport in Germany but the jersey designers should have taken more time to design better jerseys rather than pouring out an overdose of yellow and red for the cricket team.Germany became an associate member of the ICC in 1999. Germany also takes active part in the lower divisions of the World Cricket League. This jersey stands on No.5 in the list of top 5 worst jersey of International teams.



Papua New Guinea

Black, Yellow and Red — all are gorgeous colours to wear. But the Papua New Guinea jersey designer failed to make the jersey look attractive.  The team’s jersey looks good when  you compare it  with the team’s caps. This jersey stands No. 4 in the list of worst jersey of International teams.


A small cricketing country from Africa which clearly struggled when they were deciding on what to wear on the cricket field. If red pants were notbad enough, they matched the pants with the green top to make it worst and put black and red stripes all the way down the side. This jersey grabs 3rd position in the list of worst jersey of International teams.


Cricket is passionately followed in India. People take pride in wearing the Indian team jersey. Indian team is identified in blue colour but yellow colour with blue in between jersey came as a surprise . This was one of the ugliest jersey ,Indian has ever worn. The colour did not suit the team and they changed the jersey soon after.

West Indies


The jersey worn by West Indies in 1980  is tough to beat . This jersey  tops the list of worst jersey of International teams. The West Indies took part in the World Series in 1979-1980 where day-night cricket was first played and they disappoint the fans with their flashing pink strips .The idea was to have a jersey which would signify the islands marine diversity but the ‘coral pink’ wear turned out to be quite a disaster.

By Shivanshu Chauhan

A Professional Cricketer for past 4 Years for the teams of Lucknow and CISCE. He keeps an eye on all the Cricket insights which sometimes professional journos lack. He Keeps the wicket on the 22 Yards and takes care of the board meetings over here. No Official Statements go off from the website because of him. He keeps you updated by breaking News both in English and Hindi.

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