Rishabh Pant’s brilliant innings of 146 runs on the first day of the Birmingham Test is being discussed everywhere. Cricket experts are not tired of praising Pant’s innings. Everyone believes that the talent that Pant has in some cricketer, who made the team come back with such brilliant batting even under pressure conditions.

But former Pakistan bowler Mohammad Asif believes that Pant has no talent in his innings but was able to play such an innings due to the fault of the England bowlers.

Releasing a video via Twitter, Asif said about the England bowlers that it was entirely the fault of the England bowlers as Pant did not perform any miracles. They have many technical flaws. His left arm doesn’t work, but still, he managed to score a century as the English bowlers didn’t bowl to him in his weak areas.

Video in his tweet -:


However, he did not name any particular bowler. Asif said that “England bowlers made a lot of mistakes. When Jadeja and Pant were batting, they brought in a left-arm spinner who was not an ideal option to bowl at that time. I am not against Pant. I am, but with such decisions of the opposition, you get a chance to score big.”

There was also a comment on Kohli’s batting

In 2021, Asif also gave his reaction about Virat Kohli’s batting. He said that “I pointed out Kohli’s technical fault a few years ago, but people started calling me. Look today, he hasn’t scored a century in a long time. I love watching Kohli and even if he is There are players bigger than me. But technically, he needs to work harder”

Currently, India are in a strong position in the Birmingham Test. After scoring 416 runs in the first innings, India fell 5 wickets for only 84 runs on the basis of Bumrah’s superb bowling.


By Ritik Sharma

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