A few days ago, former Australian cricket team captain Ricky Ponting had said that the final match of T20I World Cup 2022 would be played between India and Australia, while former Pakistan cricket team captain Shahid Afridi had said that this time the final match of the tournament will be played in between Pakistan & Australia.

After Afridi’s statement, Ricky Ponting once again made his prediction about the Pakistan cricket team and said that this team will not be able to reach the final of the T20I World Cup 2022 and he also gave the reason.

Ricky Ponting believes that it will be difficult for Pakistan to win the ICC T20I World Cup this year if skipper Babar Azam does not score runs in the tournament.

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Pakistan’s Waqar Younis recently said that his former team has a good chance of winning the second T20I World Cup title in Australia, but Ponting is not convinced. According to Ponting, apart from Babar Azam, Shaheen Afridi and Mohd. Rizwan will be the main player of this team.

Ponting said in a recent episode of ICC Review that if Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam doesn’t score runs in the tournament, then I don’t think they can win. Their openers are very important and their new bowlers are also very important, but the spin bowler role in Australia can be a bit more difficult with wickets which probably won’t help them.

In such a situation, they find it difficult to move forward. Let us tell you that in the last T20I World Cup, Australia defeated Pakistan in the UAE and got out of the title race.

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