League cricket vs International Cricket

Indian cricket team’s veteran opener Shikhar Dhawan captained the ODI series against the West Indies and he has also been made the captain in the series against Zimbabwe.

Dhawan, who has been out of the T20I team, hopes that he will return due to his performance. He is preparing to play in the team of Asia Cup, eyes are on the decision of the selectors.

Speaking to TV Today, Dhawan said,”To be honest, I don’t feel any disappointment at all. I feel that there is a right time for everything and maybe this is not my time right now. Maybe I just fall short of something and I haven’t managed to do that well. Till then I am very happy and satisfied so that is the thing that worries me the most.”

Dhawan said that his job is to concentrate on the game, if it is selected in the team then it does not matter that much otherwise it is not good. He said, “It’s not that if my name doesn’t come in the team then it matters to me or something like that. I am feeling very good and trying to give my best right now.”

Asia Cup preparations continue –

If I am given a chance why not play, when I played in IPL, I tried to give my best performance there and if I do well, I may get a chance. My job is to perform for it. Everything else is in the hands of the selectors, what their thinking is and what they are looking at. As I said, if I get a chance, it is good and if I am not given a chance, it will remain the same for me. I keep myself fit and strong and whenever I am given a chance, I am absolutely ready for it.


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