Indian cricket team’s fast bowler Mohammed Shami has been in the headlines due to his personal life more than the cricket field in the last few years. Wife Haseen Jahan made many allegations against him and also did the case. The matter has been going on in the court for a long time and now after so many days, she has again given a statement regarding this.

Haseen has made a very serious allegation against the Indian bowler. She says that an attempt was made to dilute the case and even his lawyer was bought

Haseen, who is an actress by profession, is busy promoting her Bengali film these days. In this regard, she spoke to a TV channel News India. Haseen made very serious allegations when the talk about Shami was raised. She said, “Our Indian constitution is very good, our Indian law is very strict, but there is one thing that there are many wrong people in our country. Well, everything is fine in our country but it is too late.”

I tried talking to Shami a lot, now Bebo is growing up, going to school, going to dance classes, going swimming. She is involved in a lot of activities. Everywhere she sees that everyone’s father is with her. After growing up, now she has started questioning. Daughter tries to contact Shami again and again but he doesn’t give her emotion. Doesn’t even try to talk to daughter

Cheap clothes sent on birthday

It’s been so many years, Shami hasn’t even sent any gift to the daughter. She doesn’t even send clothes to her daughter on Eid. So the daughter’s birthday that came last month, she constantly asks me questions. I told her to daddy. Message me and say you will send a birthday gift. So you will not believe, the clothes that are sold in the pavement, maybe 50-60 rupees or 100 rupees. Those clothes Shami sent for the daughter. They were also small in size.

I was so surprised that an international cricketer who earns crores of rupees in a month does shopping for 2.5 lakh rupees in a day, that person sends such dirty quality and such dirty clothes to his daughter. Doesn’t even give to the children of the worker.

By Ritik Sharma

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