Indian cricket team vice-captain KL Rahul attended the first press conference of the T20I match between India and Australia to be played in Mohali.

During this, he said about his batting that ‘I am working on how I can improve my game as an opener so that the team gets maximum benefit.’

Every player’s role is important in the team :-

Responding to the questions raised about the strike rate, Indian team vice-captain KL Rahul said that “more than the media and fans, the team management and he himself discusses it more. The whole team talks about it, all the players think that their strike rate should be better.

Every player has an important role in the team. You pay attention to strike rate when you have played a lot of cricket. Yes I am working on it too. The role of every player in the team is decided, every player understands his role. I am working on this myself.”

Both Pant and Karthik are important for the team :-

KL Rahul said that 95 percent of the teams playing in the Asia Cup are playing the World Cup. The best team is selected for every tournament, no single player can win the match, it is the effort of the whole team. We have a better plan for the World Cup and we have been working on it for a long time. It is everyone’s effort that we win tournaments for the countrymen.

On the question of Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik being in the team, KL Rahul said that ‘the role of every player in the team is different. Both are big players, they have different roles, so he won’t say much on this.’

By Ritik Sharma

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