The influence of T20 in the world of cricket is increasing continuously. On one hand the number of teams and matches has increased in IPL, while on the other hand now the Indian team has also started playing more international matches in this format than before. In 2022, India is going to set the world record for playing the most T20 International matches in a year. At present, this record is in the name of Pakistan, which will be broken by the end of the year. 

The team has played 11 matches so far this year, at least 23 remaining this is the year of T20 World Cup. Due to this the number of matches in this format is going to be even more. Team India has played 11 T20 Internationals so far in 2022. According to the schedule ahead, India has to play at least 23 more matches. That is, by the end of this year, the Indian team will play 34 matches and will break Pakistan’s record. Pakistan made a record last year by playing 29 T20 International matches.

India has played 5 matches against South Africa and 2-2 against Sri Lanka and West Indies so far this year. The team is going to play a 2-match series against Ireland on 26 and 28 June. This will be followed by a three-match T20I series against England in England in July. India also has to play 5 T20 Internationals on the West Indies tour from the end of July.

There will be at least 5 matches in the Asia Cup, the Asia Cup is to be organized in Sri Lanka in August-September. In 2018 the Asia Cup was held in ODI format. But, this time seeing the World Cup, it will be organized in T20 format. Indian team will play at least 5 matches in this tournament. If the team reaches the final, the number of matches will be 6.

The Australian team will visit India, then the World Cup in Australia In September, the Australian team will visit India to play a series of three T20 matches. After this both the teams will leave for the World Cup to be held in Australia. In the World Cup, even if Team India does not reach the knockout rounds, it still has to play at least 5 matches.

On reaching the semi-finals, the number of matches will be 6 and on reaching the final, the number of matches will increase to 7. In this way, adding all the matches till the World Cup, then India has to play at least 34 matches in the year 2022. If the team reaches the finals of both the Asia Cup and the World Cup, then the number of matches will be 37.

The matter does not end here. BCCI is also planning to play a series against Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe before the World Cup. It is possible that senior players may not go in that series. If this series happens, then in 2022 the number of T20 matches of India will increase.

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