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Shreyas Iyer, the skipper of Kolkata Knight Riders, and former skipper of Delhi Capitals taking them to the finals of the IPL 2020. Shreyas has been seen as a true potential player to be the next star in Indian cricket which also have the leadership qualities and can lead the team from the front but recently his season with Kolkata Knight Riders was not very good statistically as well as in terms of leader as well. Many options are available right now for the selectors performing better than him.

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What should Shreyas Iyer do? What’s next for this young lad?

Future of KKR is bright under Shreyas Iyer's captaincy: Former India all-rounder Irfan Pathan- The New Indian Express

1. Need to focus on ODIs and Domestic

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Shreyas Iyer needs to be a more reliable and dependable option in One Day Cricket and needs to focus on his game to be suitable for that along with it to get back in form, Iyer should utilize domestic cricket to its full potential. The next opportunity Shreyas Iyer going to get to see his place in the Indian squad is through domestic cricket only.

2. Work on his short ball or will fall out of the choices

Shreyas Iyer has suffered a lot from short balls, the only option he has to counter short balls other than leaving them is pull shot which sometimes is the only option he has and seems to be a forced shot rather than being a natural one. Iyer doesn’t cut the ball much, he likes to drive it, which removes the option of cutting the short pitch or bouncer ball towards the third man.

3. Can work on his bowling arm to be a preferred starter in the lineup

Shreyas Iyer should also start working with his bowling arm to provide an extra factor to be considered in the squad. The young lad will need some time to come back in the blue colors for the Indian team.


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