Which national side is still in contention, which isn’t, and what are the chances of the teams facing off for the Test mace in the ICC World Test Championship (WTC) final next year?

Let us have a look at the effect of England’s 3-0 win over New Zealand on the ICC World Test Championship standings

England was already out of the race and even after winning by 3-0 against New Zealand, they don’t have much hope of making it to the ICC World Test Championship finals. Even if they go on a consecutive series win steak and win their remaining Test against India, whitewash South Africa at home this summer, and beat Pakistan away, they will have a points percentage of just above 50 which won’t be enough for them to make it to ICC World Test Championship finals. So, Defending champions New Zealand and England are out of contention for even making it to the finals of the ICC World Test Championship.
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How are previous year’s runner-ups, India placed in the ICC World Test Championship standings?

India has 7 Tests to play – the remaining Test in England, 4 against Australia at home, and 2 away against Bangladesh. The maximum points percentage India can reach in the World Test Championship is 74.53, which will be enough as Australia’s percentage will drop if they lose to India. Losing even 1 of the 7 Tests would leave India with a percentage of 68.98 and losing two 2 leave them on 63.42, so the test match at Edgbaston has it’s own worth.

What do leaders Australia and South Africa need to do to remain in the top 2 in the ICC World Test Championship Standings?

Australia still have 11 Tests to play across 4 series – 2 in Sri Lanka, 4 in India, 2 at home against West Indies and 3 against South Africa. If they win, say, 4 of their 5 home Tests, they would need to win 2 Tests in Asia to reach a percentage of 65 in the ICC World Test Championship standings.
While on the other hand South Africa have tough away games in England and Australia and 2 Tests at home against West Indies. They will need to win 1 of those away series for a points percentage above 65 in the standings of the ICC World Test Championship.

Do Pakistan and Sri Lanka have any shot to reach the finals of the ICC World Test Championship?

Pakistan have a good chance since 5 of their remaining 7 Tests are at home – 3 against England, 2 against New Zealand – and the 2 away ones are in Sri Lanka. If they can win 5 of seven, they will finish on a points percentage higher than 65 in ICC World Test Championship Standings.
Sri Lanka have tougher assignments as they host Australia and Pakistan and play away in New Zealand. Sri Lanka needs to find 4 wins and a draw to get close to the 65 percentage points mark in the ICC World Test Championship Standings.

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