The issue of coronavirus and bio bubble is still there even then the matches of the Indian national men’s cricket team are going on continuously. As per the reports, the schedule of the Indian national men’s team is very tight and busy till the 2022 T20 World Cup as BCCI is taking steps forward for 3 more foreign tours of the Indian national men’s team before the 2022 T20 World Cup.

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As per the recent reports, when the Indian men’s team will be playing the series against England, during the very same time it will also go to Ireland for its only T20 match. So, BCCI can send another team to Ireland and the senior team will stay in England.

India also needs to play the Asia Cup before the T20 World Cup and again like in the previous report at the very same time the Indian men’s team also has to tour Zimbabwe. The report states that the senior team will fight for Asia in UAE, while the other team will go on tour to Zimbabwe.

Deepak Chahar got ruled out of upcoming T20I against Sri Lanka

BCCI has started making a pool of 35 players so that they can play 2 series simultaneously and can also give rest to the senior players.

BCCI decided to play so many series for helping other cricket boards like Zimbabwe, West Indies, Ireland financially.

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